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Textile products


JSC "TEXTERNO" is a leader in textile production in Europe: - Fabric for bed linen sh.150 cm - Fabric for bed linen sh.220 cm - Fabric for children’s bed linen sh.150sm - Fabric for teenage bedding sh.150 cm - Fabric for children’s and teenage bed linen sh.220sm - Fabric smoothly dyed for bed linen - Cloth for towels - Fabric for tablecloths, napkins, chair covers - Fabrics for overalls - Fabrics for bathrobes, dresses, shirts, underwear - Fabric for military uniforms and special clothing - Suit fabric with a polyurethane covering - Fabric with a metallized covering - Garden collection - Linens - Bed linen for children - Bed linen for teenagers
Тел:   +38-044-201-46-01, +38-044-201-46-95 fax
Сайт:   http://www.texterno.com/
Адреса: street Volodymyrska, 99, Kyiv, Ukraine

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  We offer products made in Ukraine.