Repair of railway rolling stock Repair of railway rolling stock Repair of railway rolling stock

Repair of railway rolling stock


LLC "POLTAVA HEAT AND REPAIR PLANT" - one of the largest repair companies in Ukraine, performing repairs of railway rolling stock: - Repair and modernization of main, passenger and shunting locomotives - Repair of linear equipment: wheelsets, wheel-motor units, trolleys, diesel units, compressors, turbochargers, pumps, electric locomotives and electric trains - The company manufactures a large list of spare parts for traction rolling stock The company also offers the following services: - Machining on CNC machines (turning, milling, drilling, boring, grinding, cutting and threading) - Casting of metals (steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminum) - Manufacture of gears and gears - Production of finishing axes of wheel pairs of TRS from preparations - Press works (up to 300 ts) - Galvanic coating of products - Unloading, storage and loading of goods in road and rail transport - Services in customs registration of freights - Pipe bending and bending of sheet metal The main customers of the company’s products and services are the railways of Ukraine, Europe and Asia. The company is closely associated with foreign economic contracts with Mongolia, the Baltic States, the Middle East and plans to expand its markets. LLC "POLTAVA HEAT AND REPAIR PLANT" has specialized and certified sites and shops, as well as the necessary modern equipment to perform high quality repairs and upgrades.
Тел:   +38(050)308-77-70, +38(050)341-64-12
Адреса: 36005 Poltava, street Gayovogo 30

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